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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a story

  • Girl: Babe I dont think I can sleep.
  • Boy: Why baby?
  • Girl: I don't know. I need your boring voice to put me to sleep. Wanna tell me a story? Hehehe.
  • Boy: Hahah, you're lucky that you're cute. How about I read you Dear John.
  • Girl: Sounds perfect. 
  • - Boy reads Dear John- 
  • - 15 minutes later-
  • Girl: *snores*
  • Boy: Babe?
  • Girl: *snores*
  • Boy: Hahah, you always knock out within 15 minutes. Your snores are cute. Babe, I really love you. I really do. But I do. I never want to lose you. I know it's cheesy, but this is how I feel. This is REAL. I know I'm not the best thing out there, but I'm trying to be one of your best ever. Thank you babe, thank you for choosing a messed up guy like me to be your boyfriend. Thank you for being mine. I honestly can't see myself with anyone else but you babe. I know I say I love you too many times, but each time I say it, my feeling grows more & more for you. Thanks for listening babe. I'll still be on the phone if you need anything. Goodnight babe & sweet dreams. I won't let the bed bugs bite you.

how sweet!~ i'm hoping that apek will read this. :)
i want 2 be with him. but, he seem like. . . . . 
i love u. :(

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