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Monday, October 12, 2009

yana ♥ apek

Sum1 i can talk 2 @ stare into space with until da sun comes up . happy eva Sum1 i can b stupid with . bantal busyuk Sum1 who can tolerate ma nonsense & jealousy. manje abis Sum1 who gets jealous from time 2 time. hate u bastard Sum1 who can control me . best kisses Sum1 who can read me. makan time Sum1 who I can sing 2 & who can sing 2 me & who falls asleep in ma arms. tepi pantai Most importantly, Sum1 I'll never feel lonely wif. gelojoh I have spent most of ma adult life looking 4 diz prson until recently. peluh ye I stopped looking & very nearly gave up. OMG That's when mohamad hafis hassan found lil ol' me... (^_~) married

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