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Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy father's day HAJI MUASEH SADUN :)

you are always put my tie before I went school

you always give me money even if your wallet is empty

you always give what is requested by your child

you are always tough in what you experienced

you are always smiling even though you are upset

you always love me even if you want the eldest son

you always want the best for your family

you always want your children the best education

i don't want to see you crying as because of who turns your world

I wish you calm, cheerful, active as first

I know men hard to cry, tears flowing

The first time I saw you cry when you go on pilgrimage

but I thought it was the last

beyond my expectations, you cry again in front of your brother-in-law

My heart is touched

and what I think is embracing you and give you the spirit of

So that you will be more stronger

and yes! you made a very good decision

i'm proud of you dad! <3

you are the best dad ever.

I'll give you what you ask for even its painful to accept 

because you are my father in the world and the hereafter :)


Originally from ur eldest daugther,

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